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Hi, I am Dr Anjali Nakra and I am really excited to start my blog!

I am a General Physician with over three decades of experience. For the last 5 years I have been running a lifestyle medicine clinic, in addition to my general practice.

I graduated from the prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi in 1982. A special interest in the prevention of chronic disease led me to learn about the role that people’s lifestyles play in these diseases. My journey through extensive learning culminated in the clearing the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine’s (IBLM) Certification exam and I am currently the only IBLM Board Certified Physician in Delhi.

During my practise over last 3 decades I have been observing an increase in the incidence of Lifestyle diseases and now 1 in 2 patients has a lifestyle ailment/chronic disease. Realising that the advice given for prevention of lifestyle diseases during regular clinic consultations was not enough to counsel all my patients, I started a specialized lifestyle clinic.

I also observed there is an explosion of information in the lay press and internet on diet, exercise etc. and most people are confused as to which advise to follow. Therefore, in my blog I will be bringing you well researched and published data on various factors which are impacting your health, so that you can make take the right steps towards improving your health and lifestyle. I hope you will join me on the Path to Health.

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