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What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine is a 21st Century approach to healthcare that consolidates research and evidence-based medicine to facilitate the profound impact of lifestyle behaviors on health.

Definition of ACLM:
Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based approach that involves the therapeutic use of lifestyle interventions to achieve optimal health.

The pillars of lifestyle medicine are:




         Good nutrition                      Adequate movement and exercise

            Sleep well                                           Managing Stress          

  Avoiding substance abuse                        Emotional wellness

Some of the common lifestyle-related chronic diseases are:

Overweight and Obesity
High blood pressure
Heart disease
High Cholesterol
Polycystic Ovarian disease
Fatty Liver or NAFLD
Chronic Kidney Disease
Degenerative Arthritis
Sleep Apnea
Osteoporosis & Bone Health
Some Cancers like breast cancer and colon cancer

What We Do

Our established Lifestyle Medicine Programs helps us to work with our patients to improve health and wellness by understanding the root cause of, and to prevent and reverse diseases as possible. We treat a person and not a disease.

We work with you in improving your health by identifying genetic, physical, and emotional factors which can or have resulted in Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, and many other chronic diseases and guiding you to make necessary changes in your lifestyle. It is possible to prevent and even reverse many chronic lifestyle diseases through the right lifestyle choices. We work along with you to make sustainable changes to ensure long term results.

We have programs for all ages , Children, adults and senior citizens, and special programs for women.

Every person is unique, and so are our programs, which are personalised.

We help you to choose your Path to good health and walk it. 

What it looks like:

  • Better Health

  • Normal weight 

  • More energy 

  • Mental alertness

  • Positive self-image

  • Better mood

  • Better sleep 

  • Prevention of lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

  • Avoid/delay complications from lifestyle diseases.

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