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Recipe | Green Juice

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

Serves: 2

Serving Size:1 cup


Baby spinach leaves - 2 cups

Mint/coriander leaves and stems - According to choice

Medium green apple, rinsed with core removed - 1

Large cucumber, seedless and rinsed - 1

Fresh ginger, scrubbed clean - 1 inch length


  1. Chop the apple, cucumber, and ginger into thin pieces small enough to easily go through the juicer.

  2. Cut away the yellow peel from the lemon, leaving most of the white pith and lemon flesh. Cut into slices and remove any seeds.

  3. Reserve about half of the lemon. Turn the juicer on and push everything through, alternating between the greens and the firmer cucumber, apple and lemon.

  4. When everything but the reserved lemon has been juiced, stir the juice and taste for tartness.

  5. Add the remaining lemon if needed, else add a couple of scrubbed carrots or another cored apple, if the juice is too tart.

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