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Our Programs

Lifestyle Consultation

A Lifestyle Consultation with the Path to Health Clinic allows you to better understand the factors that influence your health and wellness and help set you on the right path to making better lifestyle choices.

Stay Healthy

A 6-week program with weekly virtual / in-person consultations to assess your lifestyle and understand the factors that drive your health and wellness. Based on your profile you receive a personalized plan that includes

  • A nutrition prescription

  • An exercise prescription

  • Stress management / mindfulness plan

  • Guidance on other environmental factors

Weight Management

Obesity is more than extra weight. It increases the risk of many diseases like diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver and some cancers. It has even been associated with worse outcomes in infections, like COVID-19. Losing weight is about gaining life and improving the quality of life.

The Weight Management program is a minimum 12-week intensive program followed by support during weight maintenance.

Healthy Heart

Heart disease is the number one cause of death around the world. Indians are even more susceptible than other races, and heart disease strikes us a decade earlier.


The right lifestyle can help prevent, control and at times reverse heart disease. This 12-week intensive program helps you do just that.

Diabetes Reversal / Control

Research has shown that Prediabetes / Diabetes is reversible in its early stages and can be controlled better in later stages with lifestyle modification. 


The Diabetes Reversal / Control program is a 12-week program

that prescribes dietary changes, exercise plans, stress reduction, sleep management and many other techniques specifically to reduce your blood sugar.

Fatty Liver Reduction

A 12-24 week program to reduce fat from the liver and decrease the risk of liver failure, liver cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Preconception Program

The preconception nutrition and health of the mother and father significantly affect the way an embryo develops. This, in turn affects the infant and child health and disease susceptibility later in life.

It is important to optimize the nutrition and lifestyle of couples to reach a healthy weight and optimal health before conceiving.


Path to Health clinic provides the essential guidance in achieving the same through our Preconception program. 

Pregnancy / Postnatal Program

The most precious days of the life of a woman are when she takes the journey to motherhood. This is also the time when she is responsible for taking care of herself and her baby’s health. The baby’s mental and physical growth depend on the mother’s nutrition and emotional health, and later the infant’s diet, sleep, environment, and activity.

We at the Path to Health Clinic provide guidance on the correct lifestyle choices to give the baby a head start in life and make this stage as comfortable as possible for the mother.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Management

A 12-24 week program of lifestyle change to empower you to manage this common problem which is a leading cause of infertility in women and can lead to increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia.

Insomnia Management

The impact of sleep is as important as the food we eat. Poor Sleep can even change what you eat. If you have difficulty going to sleep, maintaining sleep or poor-quality sleep, this 6-week program on Insomnia Management will help you sleep better. And better sleep means avoiding weight gain and diabetes, better mood and improved memory.

Stress Management

Stress is a part of life; uncontrolled stress is not. It can lead to heart disease, diabetes, depression, emotional disturbances, and some cancers.


Managing stress is the way to lead a productive and happy life. The Stress Management program is a structured 8-week program in which you understand your stress and learn techniques to manage it.

Corporate Wellness Programs

A healthy and happy staff makes for a healthy and productive institution. Like individual health and wellness, the health and wellness of any institution should be specifically designed according to its needs.


At the Path to Health Clinic we understand your needs and design programs tailored to your institution, the include group workshops, seminars and personal sessions.

Lifestyle Consultation
Stay Healthy
Weight Management
Healthy Heart
Diabetes Revesal / Control
Fatty Liver Reduction
Insomnia Management
Stress Management
Coporate Wellness
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